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We belong to a protestant women's association called ”Diakonia”, supporter of youth social work and a member of the YWCA (Young Woman`s Christian Association). We protect the rights of young people, especially young women and promote opportunities for them. The Association for International Youth Work (Verein für international Jugendarbeit Landesverein Hamburg e.V., vij) ) is a non-profit and non-commercial organization.


1877: "Union internationale des amies de la jeune fille", an international association is founded by women for women to protect them from sexual and economic exploitation

1882: Establishment of the association in Germany

1954: Re-establishment of the association - resumption of au pair agency in Hamburg (after prohibition during the 3rd Reich) called the "Association for International Youth Work for the City of Hamburg eV"

What we do

  • We promote the integration of foreign citizens, women and men alike
  • We assist young women to protect them from abuse, exploitation, women trafficking and illegal matters
  • We offer advice and help
  • We provide legal placements of young people as au pairs to appropriate families in Germany and other European countries

The vij in Hamburg

We provide au pair placements for interested young people from countries worldwide to appropriate host families in Hamburg; likewise, for German au pairs to European countries. During the au pair-stay we are always available for help and advice. We offer a monthly au pair meeting where au pairs can share experiences, voice their problems and obtain appropriate solutions. Cultural events and presentations e.g. a briefing concerning HIV prevention are also important parts of the meeting. Our major goals are to provide individualized and personalized counseling and continous support at all times. Your well-being is our main concern.

What can you expect?

For au pairs

  • The experience of being a temporary family member
  • Cultural exchange
  • Improve ability of a foreign language
  • Obtain international experience
  • Gain experience in childcare and light housekeeping

For host families

  • Support in child care
  • Support in light household chores
  • Gain experience with young people from different cultural backgrounds